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 Obstinate Flesh Exhibition:

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Obstinate Flesh Exhibition: Empty
PostSubject: Obstinate Flesh Exhibition:   Obstinate Flesh Exhibition: EmptyFri Jan 22, 2010 3:32 pm

Several members of the Bodies and Embodiment Research Cluster are planning a trip to see this exhibition, either this weekend or next. If you are interested in possibly going with that group, please contact the cluster director, Sara Orning.

For her contact information, please send me an e-mail. If you don't have my (or the MACS) external e-mail address, then please send me an e-mail/PM on the forums and I will reply with the information that way. It looks like fun!

Obstinate Flesh Exhibition: Obstinateindihra1-sized
[image: Indhira Rojas]


Opening: Tuesday 1/12/10, 6-9pm Playspace Gallery
Reading: Tuesday 1/19/10 6-9pm Playspace Gallery
Screening: Tuesday 1/26/10 6-9pm Timken Hall

Mara Baldwin, Tiger Brooke, Nicola Buffa, Natalia Gomez, Isaac Grey, Emily
Hoover, Liesa Lietzke, Monique Lopez, George Pfau, Indhira Rojas and
SuneĢ Woods.
Curated by: Matthew Alexander Post
Much thanks to: Rajkamal Kahlon

In the modern image of the individual body, sexual life, eating, drinking
and defecation have radically changed their meaning: they have been
transferred to the private and psychological level where their connotations
become narrow and specific torn away from the direct relation to the life of
society and to the cosmic whole. In this new connotation they no longer
carry their former philosophical functions. -Mikhail Bakhtin

Obstinate Flesh explores the historical and political dimensions of what it
means to inhabit and reflect on the body in an era of globalization. The
experience and material reality of our bodies persist beyond efforts to
render it obsolete. Avatars, Second Life, cybersex, and other online virtual
platforms all promise a dematerialized future where the body is rendered
unnecessary and difficult questions of class, race and sex and their
relationships with power are resolved. Obstinate Flesh reexamines the body
as a site of unresolved contention and debate.

The participants in Obstinate Flesh use the metaphor of the body and its
constituent parts to uncover new models of critique related to
intersubjectivity, the construction and repression of memory and trauma, at
once personal and historical.
-Rajkamal Kahlon
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Obstinate Flesh Exhibition:
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