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 how are conference plans coming

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how are conference plans coming Empty
PostSubject: how are conference plans coming   how are conference plans coming EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 12:08 pm

Hi Lucian and Lissette,
Just wondering how you are and how things are going with you conference plans? Let me know if you need funds, help, other stuff coffee???

I will meet with Lila on Wednesday to develop our project . One of the galleries is very busy and we are un clear if they will participate. I guess a good question is whether we should go directly to the artists? I can see this "exhibition" being a win win. very little expense on the part of the gallery...

Curation and context would I'm sure be very important since they don't know how it will look. Lots of work to do.

Any way I hope that you are well, The Forum kind of stopped, or did I miss something? Maybe I'll send this on regular email too

Bets to You,
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how are conference plans coming
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